Andrea Is A Inspirational Transformation Teacher, A Member Of The European Transformation Teachers Gathering – ETTG2020

Another blessed Life Experience that came before me with – Steinar DitlefsenMy Speaker Coach who sees beyond.

Experiencing Heart Math In Los Angeles with Bruce Cryer A Dear Friend, Appreciating Life and Enhancing Gratitude.

All coming in alignment of my life’s path of True Transformation.

Andrea Is A Certified Goal Mapping Practitioner with Brian Mayne and his On-Line System

My Own Transformational Journey started in 2000, by Knowing My Intentions at A Deeper Level!
Working on My Own Personal Development on An Everyday Basis, Discovering Myself and My True Dynamics, Overcoming Personal Challenges, Finding My Purpose in Life is What Has Inspired Me to Follow Suit Making an Impact on My Life and Others’.

Becoming A Transformational/Life Purpose Coach, I Then Set Out to Refine My Knowledge by Completing Coach/Facilitator/Practitioner Level with Brian with His Awesome Goal Mapping Tools & Techniques, Who Had Inspired Me At A Forever Living Event in 2002 Where I Bought His Life Mapping Book, Got it Signed of Course, and Used It with My Dyslexic Son Who is Now 22 and Really Knows and Understands the Benefits of Working with Words and Pictures, It Is What Brought Him to Great Achievements, Overcame Huge Challenges In His School, Where Teachers Had Given Up On Him.

My Passion Is Bringing Out the Best in People, Supporting Their Achievements and Inner Depth Desires by Working at a Deeper Level.

I Chose My Self-Worth Map As I Know Many People Are Challenged with This Area, Every Time I Look At My Map I Am Reminded of The Inner Depth of My Being, As I Learn To Care For Myself, At The Core.  I Automatically Activate and Vibrate a Natural Magnetic Field of Care and Love to Myself and Those Around Me.  Now! Coaching People to Understand the Use of the Left-Brain (Words) Right-Brain (Pictures) Activity, Both Together Commands Our Subconscious Mind Which Activates Our Auto Pilot.

I Am Here to Bring the Best Out in You!  It Is Working for Myself My Son and Others All Over the Globe… Creating A Sense of Purpose and Feel Good Factor.  Are You Ready to Activate Yourself Using This More Than Effective Goal Mapping System…?


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