Authentic You!

Four Years Ago I was invited to speak to A Small Group Of Parents and Children at an Event taking place by different Life Coaches.

I chose it to be about Building The Bridge of Communication Between Parents and Their Children/Teenagers or Even Teacher/Children Relationships.

It was my first speach so I moulded it how I wanted it!

I put together a small powerpoint presentation and plucked up the courage to present it in My Way!


My way!  Which was from the heart and from my own personal experiences which I had lived and experienced difficult moments in my own home with my two children my daughter 6 years old and my son 9 years old.

I knew I had to bring about change!


By first realising I had to change things about me, it was my behaviour towards certain situations which was causing conflict in my home and conflict behaviour from my children.

I decided to observe my self more and what I was doing and saying rather than the full focus on the children and always having the need to correct them and their behaviour.  Which by my observations over the years I found this is what most if not all parents do.

So I looked to correct my behaviour and I was honest enough to let them know about my wrong behaviour and how I was going to make many amends and adjustments in order for us to be happier.

I started my self observation when my daughter was 6 years old and my son was 9 years old, and so by the time of the speach I had a good 5 years of total transformation in my home from all angles!  My behaviour and my childrens behaviour.

What I found with my observation was tragic, I found I was on the phone alot with friends mostly talking about negative issues and constantly ushing my kids away to their rooms.  As time went by I fast forwarded and took my self forward to the time that my son would be 16 years old when he would be opening the door and rushing out of the house without caring to give me any indication to what he is up to and where he is going.  My fast forward vision showed me calling out to my son “where are you going”? and him responding rudely what do you care and why should I answer to you”?  “You kept ushering me away when I most needed you at my delicate age of 9 and now that I am 16 I don’t need you to be bothered about me.  I needed you then, now I don’t care if you care”.  and you know what he would have been right to have that attitude with me.

WOW! What a fast forward vision.

That surley got me around to making drastic changes with myself a.s.a.p.

I got a sudden urge to make changes.

I found involving them, having sit down talks at certain times in the day and planning our day ahead always made it easier when bed time arose.

I found drawing a pie chart of the hours in the day and helping them see how many hours they have ahead of them in order to eat, do their homework, rest and play and of course have quality time with me just before they went to bed worked wonders! In fact I did not have to ever mention bed time!  They would be ready prepared and happy as pie to put themselves to bed by 21.30.

This was because I helped them understand if I gave them quality time together before 21.30 then mummy also desreves time out to be able to have her own quality time and peace before she went to bed.  They both understood me and complied with me which was truly a touching experience.

We had gained mutual respect and Understanding by regular communication and interaction.  I would ask for their opinion and let them make decisions and in time we over came our own huge challenges and were on a very good road to having a wonderful harmonious environment at home, which was the goal I had set ahead for us.

A few tips:

1.  Always cooking together in the kitchen after school.  (Making it fun and letting them choose from different food types, ones that they would enjoy eating after helping them understand the importance of eating all types of nutritional foods for our health.  ie and our greens.

2.  Sitting to read and do their homework with them when they felt up to it, not when I felt like it.  I would just help them a bit by giving them a few choices.  ie Before their meal, after their meal, before a nap after their nap.  And so it helped them make the right decision for themselves. It Helped them become eager to want to do homework rather than the stress of being told to do an everyday routin which you could not get out of.  They learned to love and want to do their homework.  It got to the point when my son was 15 years and 16 he would summon me home to keep him in check as he found that when he was home alone he would get distracted. So he wanted me home to read his assignments out to me.  That was for sure the funniest of times and I felt very proud and thought wow it has all been totally worth all the effort.

3.  Always eating together at the dinner table and having constructive conversation.  As they got a little older we would sit on the couch and have a movie night just before they went off to bed.  Always their own choice of movie.  When the movie ended they knew to head off to their beds by 21.30.

4.  Face book days krept up and I allowed them to have accounts which we had discussed I would check and know everything up until a certain age where of course they would be able to have their full privacy.  We set time frame where by they would sit for an hour a day and as they got older a little longer.  Another funny time was when my daughter at 14 asked me to ban her and convoscate her phone so she does not over spend time in Facebook.  Absolutely amazing achievements.

5.  Friend days, where they had their friends round or where they could sleep over at a friends.

We learned to Respect each other as unique individuals and learned to have full understanding of each others needs and wants.

Both my children where at my speach as I wanted them both there.

As my speach went on I had great interaction with the parents and when It came to an end, we let both of them speak and share their own story and experience of how we all managed to co-operate together.

Knowing there where a few life coaches in the room I approached a Mrs Irene with a big smile and I asked her for her much valued feed back.  She responded with gleaming eyes and shear enthusiasm “My Dear You Were AUTHENTIC!”

I replied Happily “That’s All I’ve Ever Wanted”. “To make a difference in an AUTHENTIC WAY”

She replied “Believe Me You Are Making A Difference” Your Children Are Living Proof”

It was such a beautiful ending to the evening!  The Acknowledgement of an experienced Coach.

The Cherry On the Icing of the Cake!

So Be Authentic!

In Trust & Faith 

Your Destiny Awaits You!

Andrea Louca 

Riches Of Another Kind…

First Richness To Ask Forgiveness From The Heart And Let Go Of Pain And Anger

Second To Be Humble And Let Others Help

Third To Love Even Though There Is No Love Back

Fourth To Hold Back Any Feelings Of Rage

Fifth To Trust And Have Faith

Sixth To Have Patience That All Will Come To Be Good In The End

Seventh To Accept The Downfalls In Life, Even Illness

Eighth To Understand There Is A Reason For Everything

Ninth That We All Have Our Cross To Bear

Tenth That God Knows What Is Best For Us

May Love Conquer Our Hearts and May We Be Able To Share With Others The Inner Depth Of The Love That Has Come To Light.
Learn To Master Your Emotions
Allow Room for Love, Compassion and Understanding.

This All Allows Room for Forgiveness!

Enlighten Yourself!

You will be glad you did!

Andrea Louca with Love… ❤
God Bless
Your Destiny Awaits You! 


Transform Your Life Book 2

I often visualized myself being able to achieve more, being an
inspiration to many.

I was a fighter and wanted to stand up and fend for others, and had been that way from a very young age.

Now I needed to fend for my rights as a young mother and protect myself
and my young children.

I felt trapped within myself, unable to face the fears of breaking away from abuse.
I had no self-esteem. I was born with a blood disorder called Thalassaemia.

Every 15 days I needed two units of blood and was told by doctors I may never conceive.

My unshakable faith saw me through all the challenges, and today I have two children.
I dwelt on my decision long, over two months, and finally said, “No more!” No more……………………….

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In Trust & Faith

Your Destiny Awaits You

Andrea Louca



Thank You Gemma Anne Fox…

Dear Gemma!!!

A Dear Friend Of My Sister Marinas which I Just Recently Met !

I Am So Grateful For Your Kind Gesture…

Thank You So Much … Your Truly Special.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ Guide & Protect You On Your Life’s Path… 

Wishing You Many Blessings On Your Life’s Path and Journey…

In Trust & Faithimage

Your Destiny Awaits You!

Andrea Louca

Change and Transformation!  For the Better, Shall I Bother Yes or No?

The heart ache that comes along with Change and Transformation at first is certainly unbearable.

Not an easy task to begin with, but like all things time helps this process get easier.

It’s just a matter of, are we up for the Challenge ahead of us?

Do we know what is to follow?

Do we understand what is happening and why it is happening?

Can we bear to stick to it? Or do we give up at the first obstacle?

It breaks my heart when I see the effort that some people put into changing themselves for the better, trying to Transform themselves, but others around them are not of Understanding or unable to Acknowledge the fact, or Recognize this process.

It is hard enough as it is, to step up make the decision and go through the process of Change and Transformation without having to have pettiness going on.

Unfortunately this is very hard to avoid, and one of the biggest challenges of the Transformational Period.

How do we go about Change, when others around us do not allow for our own Transformation?

When people see what they want to see from their own eyes and they portray you, and who they think you are and what you’re about through their eyes?

What do you do???

Do you try and justify yourself???

But why should you have to???

After All It Is Their Judgment of You…

If you know yourself, Your True Self Worth, Values and most of all your True Intentions, then it should not have to Matter!!!

Oh! But our inner voice does not seem to let things go, and we have and feel the need to justify ourselves…

The easiest thing to do is to sit there, back chatting, debating, justifying…

But is it the easiest thing???

Or do we make it harder and worsen things for ourselves, creating enemies…

Or giving people our friends, family more reason to add more oil to the fire by finding your best friend or their best friend and holding a negative bitter marathon conversation all in your name…

Wow! We are so privileged when that takes place… Hours and hours of our name been used.

Do we really want our name to be misused like that, maybe we should think twice before we react.

Otherwise the effect is truly damaging! All the bad energy forces coming together and taking affect…

Oh! Privileged one totally in your name!

The end RESULTS being…

Bitterness, Bitterness and More Bitterness on All Angles…

I believe, we are all better than that!

Much Better Than That!

So how do we avoid such unpleasant treatment?

Going on, what I have managed to achieve and of course making a constant everyday effort.

I always try to see further than what is happening at the given time…

I allow for all to be said…

Taking as much as I can with a brave face, I mean just how long can somebody sit there running you to the ground, they have got to stop at some point, don’t they??? Here I smirk as I know some people just don’t know when to stop…

The point is how much patience do you or I have to allow for them to unload.  Me? I have found great patience over time.

One thing for sure I know, since I have been using this tactic for a few years now, it does get easier…
If you get to the deeper level of understanding and really want to understand know this that what most people are actually seeking is ATTENTION… They are craving for ACKNOWLEDGMENT and in need of a serious case of RECOGNITION on all levels.

This is a process which takes a while, meaning time to get a grip of, and having to learn to –

Conquer Our Emotions.

Why do I say this???

I am saying this as I am still working on it myself!  Conquering Our Emotions needs everyday effort.  Depending what our next challenge lying ahead is.  Nobody knows the next challenge up ahead of them.

Just as you get over one challenge another one appears, so it is a constant everyday effort.

I have been working on it for a good 4 years now, so you can imagine the time frame taken to accomplish this.

How long you ask me?

Time frame is unknown! For sure it depends on how much personal time and effort you are willing to put in.

What means you use to accomplish Conquering Your Emotions?  There are various different ways, and combinations.

It can all take place the minute you take the decision to make the Transformation.

So Hold On To Your Self Worth by Respecting Yourself and try using the Silence is Golden Rule.

True Transformation For Me Is Like Breaking In A Stallion.

Let True Transformation Begin and Evolve. It’s Up To You the Decision Is Yours!

Try Breaking In Yourselves First By Conquering Your Emotions!  Be A True Stallion!

God Bless

In Trust and Faith

Andrea Louca

Your Destiny Awaits You!


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Your Destiny Awaits You