Dare to Dream!

How many of you have dared to Dream?

Dared to Dream, Visualize Something Beautiful…  

Then you Dare tell a friend or a relative or even your spouse.  Only to find you’re Hopes and Dreams are shattered by the way this member receives your Dream or vision.  You dared to share your enthusiasm and excitement only to see irony, jealousy, lack of understanding in the face in front of you.  Don’t be a victim of Dream Steelers, like I nearly was… Fight past all negative remarks and shield yourselves by holding on to your beliefs and trusting in your inner depth compass, that what you feel and strongly believe in will come to be.  Hold on to your Dreams and Aspirations regardless what is being said and in time you will see and live to be a witness as I am witnessing my Dreams and Aspirations coming to light as I type in my blog…

Have Trust and Faith and Allow for the natural course of events to take place…

Wishing You All To Live by Your Dreams and Aspirations as I am doing so right now! 

May You Enjoy Your Journey, Your Path Your Destiny!

Your Destiny Awaits You

by Andrea Louca…

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