A letter to a dear friend:
“” Dear Andrea,

God bless you darling – your Inspiration carries the day…
Trust in that, and You will deliver diamonds each and every time.
Same as I do.
Trust the Children for they have arrived in a more complete world.
They came at a point in time that the Universe has evolved and expanded
along with our Consciousness far above the time we arrived.
They are the Prophets of the Future and the servants of tomorrow.
Yet it’s our solemn duty to conserve the earth, so that there is a planet and an ecosystem and
a modicum of a healthy environment to receive them.
We are just the midwives of the future.
And we are happy in that role….
And we are the Guardians of the future our kids represent…
Trust in that…
And in turn they will deliver us from Evil that we’ve created…
That is how it is and how it has always been…
  Trust the children with our future — that’s our only HOPE…
Where we failed — they will help us stand up
Where we screwed up — they will clean it up
Where we were damn near criminals — they will forgive us
Where we were weak — they be strong.
Where we spread hate — they’ll spread Love
And where we forgot our humanity…
 they will serve us Compassion and kindness to boot.
 We just have to fight in order to allow for some breathing room for them to come into their own
And leave behind a little bit of Green planet left for them to breathe the air, drink the water and eat some wholesome food…
and then…
Oh then,
when they take over…
A New World will be born.
 Of that am certain….
Always have a kid or a young person step up and deliver from the heart a message of HOPE.
God Bless You dear Andrea.””