Trust the future — Conserve the Present — Give kids the air to breathe, serve, and deliver us

Inspirational Moments………..

Children are the Jewels around us… We choose to ignore them and their beautiful charisma…
Take time out and hear a child out, or a youngster teenager…

They can shed light upon us…

Andrea Louca

Bleeding Edge


From a letter to a dear friend:
“” Dear Andrea,
God bless you darling — your Inspiration carries the day…
Trust in that, and You will deliver diamonds each and every time.
Same as I do.
Trust the Children for they have arrived in a more complete world.
They came at a point in time that the Universe has evolved and expanded
along with our Consciousness far above the time we arrived.
They are the Prophets of the Future and the servants of tomorrow.
Yet it’s our solemn duty to conserve the earth, so that there is a planet and an ecosystem and
a modicum of a healthy environment to receive them.
We are just the midwives of the future.
And we are happy in that role….
And we are the Guardians of the future our kids represent…
Trust in that…
And in turn they will deliver us from…

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