My Life Changing Journey Truly Inspirational… Knowing My Purpose…

14 Years On… The Transformation… Knowing My Purpose…

The Year 1999… I Was A Quiet, Scared Not Very Out Spoken Woman Of 29…

The thing is, that is what I gave off outwardly, there was a different story going on inside me.

The Clash Of The Titans, An Inward Battle A Deep Down Burning Desire To Release And Unchain Myself Was Building Up With In…

I was not too good at expressing myself I felt that I did not have anything important to say, and most of all who would want to listen to what I have to say.

All Of This And A Whole Lot More Was Brewing Within.

All of this of course stems from childhood scarring.  I am very aware from where it all stemmed! That’s Another Chapter, For Another Page, For Another Book, Another Day.

Thank God I finally figured it all out and was able to break my chains.

My Inner Calling Brought To Me Along My Path Two Wonderful People From The Wonderful Company Forever Living Products, Ben and Lisa Gylsen…

They Took Me On A Wonderful Journey, Along Side Them From November 1999 Onwards.

My Journey To Self Development Started… Ben gave me my first book by John Kalench – Being The Best You Can Be In MLM… What captured me most and what Inspired me most was one of his messages which was by the time he dies he would like to have 1 Million Friends…

And That Success Is Not A Destination It Is A Journey…and Many More Wonderful Lessons.

That Is What I Am Feeling, That Is What I Am Living 14 Years On…

Success Is A Personal Growth Journey!

My Transformation Journey By, Being On Purpose, My Unshakable Faith and Belief To Go On.

Believe In My Inner Depth Passion And Desire To Become An Inspirational Speaker.

My Journey To My Success Through My Own Personal Daily Development.

I bought and read many books and was recommended even more, one by my brother Loucas Louca knowing me so well he gave me the book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers… That really got me going and awoke my deepest passion.

At My First Johnathan Day with Forever Living Products I Felt A Deep Down Burning Desire To Become An Inspirational Speaker.  That Is What I Felt So Strongly At That Time!  It Shook Me Up!

The Thing Is It Did Not Make Much Sense To Me Then, As I Dared Not Speak Out To 1 person Let Alone A huge Crowd Of 100s of People.  Something Deep Within Awoke And Stuck With Me Up Until Today.

The Huge Challenge of Public Speaking, My Greatest Challenge and Greatest Fear…

The Year Now Is 2013 And My Fear Has Subsided By Putting My Self In The Deep End And Challenged My Self Many Times To Manage To Over Come This Fear.  No More Obstacles.

So I Set Out To Do So… A Long Painful Trek To Over Come This Fear Which Was Taking Over Me And Making Me Paralytic Just At The Given Thought Of Ever Coming To Do It!  My Stomach Would Turn Over, My Hands Would Sweat I Would Feel Panic, My Heart Ready To Jump Out Of Its Socket.  Nervous And Even Traumatized. A True Painful Experience I Would Put Myself Through Every Time I Made That Decision To Speak At Any Seminar or Smaller Meeting.

I Decided To Speak At Seminars, I Decided To Throw My Own Product Launches, I Decided To Take Speaking To The Public Classes, I Decided To Tell Top Leaders In Forever My Fear In Order For Them To Help Me, I Decided To Challenge Myself and Speak Out In front of 80 people At The Millionaires Training Club with Mr Frank Bugden in 2003.  I Decided To Tell A Top Leader In Forever Living Greece To Call Me Up And Speak If He So Wanted To Use Me, as I Had Plenty Of Personal Testimonies On My Health and The Aloe Products.  He Believed In Me And Always Wanted Me Up Speaking In Front Of The Crowds.  So One Fine Day As I Arrive At Our Success Day At The Hilton Hotel Athens, He Approaches Me And Says Andrea, Today I Want 3 People To Speak Out In Front Of 400 People And One Of Them Is Going To Be You… I Took One Look At Him… Gobbled My Tongue And Said To Myself You Asked For It You Got It Now… So Just Do It! And So I Did…

My Latest Experience Was At The ESCP University In London Presenting A New Formed Business At THE OPEN TECH INNOVATION MASTER CLASS WEEKEND.

The Latest Latest Was To Speak Out On The 27th June 2013 On My Personal Testimony Life with Thalassaemia.  Our Special Guest For The Day Nektarios Sfirakis…

It Has Been A Slow But Very Progress Full Journey…

Full Of Constant Surprises!  Lot’s Of Challenges!  Lot’s Of Obstacles!  Lot’s Of Gifts! Lot’s Of Fun!  Amazing People Coming Into My Life!

My Personal Growth Over The 14 Years Is My True Success.

My Even Bigger Success Is The Wonderful People Coming In To My Life On A Very Regular Basis And Sticking By Me And Helping In My Constant Need For Progression.

Making Sure I Am On Course With My Purpose!

Because That Is What My True Deep Down Burning Desire…





Your Destiny Awaits You!

by Andrea louca

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