Vision Is The A…

Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others.

Jonathan Swift

Find Your Mission With A Vision And With Unshakable Trust And Faith Go Forth With Your Driven Belief System And Commitment…

Sheer Drive And Determination Will See You Through Any Challenges.

Be Persistent Strive Towards Your Purpose With Full Focus And Determination.

Allow For The Right People To Come Join You And Help You On Your Path.

Here is one of My Favorite Passages Written by W. H. Murray who was a member of the 2nd Himalayan Expedition.


Until One Is Committed There Is Always Hesitancy, The Chance To Draw Back, Always Ineffectiveness.

Concerning All Acts Of Initiative (and Creation), There Is One Elementary Truth, The Ignorance Of Which Kills Countless Ideas And Splendid Plans: That The Moment One Definitely Commits Oneself, Then Providence Moves Too.

All Sorts Of Things Occur To Help One That Would Never Otherwise Have Occurred.

A Whole Stream Of Events Issues From The Decision, Rising In One’s Favor All Manner Of Unforeseen Incidents And Meetings And Material Assistance, Which No Man Could Have Dream t Could Come His Way.

By W.H. Murray

So Find Your Purpose! ย Make The Decision To Be On Purpose And Providence Will See That All Comes To Be…

Your Destiny Awaits You!

By Andrea Louca

Hope Is The Dre…

Hope Is The Dream Of A Waking Man. Aristotle

So The Message Here Is To Wake Up!

For There Is Hope!

Discover – Discover Your Purpose!  Discover What Is Your Inner Depth Desire!

Dream – Visualize! Hold On To Your Vision…

Design – Mold and Design With Unshakable faith!

Destiny – Trust In Your Purpose! Believe With Your Heart and Soul In Your Potential.

For Prosperity Will Follow…

Your Destiny Awaits You!

By Andrea Louca