IT’S ABOUT FAITH IN THE UNKNOWN… Written – 15 September 2012 at 03:42

You Know There Is Something There, And Then You Dismiss It Again!

Do You Continue To Have Faith Or Do You Overwhelm Yourself With Thoughts Of Doubt In The Unknown.

I Choose To Overwhelm My Thoughts In Faith!

Faith in God and our Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit… All three are there for us and we have been given the choice to choose whether to allow them in our lives or not…

I found by choosing to allow God, Our Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit into my life, has given me riches and jewels I could have only possibly dreamed of…

Riches Of Another Kind…

First Richness To Ask Forgiveness From The Heart And Let Go Of Pain And Anger

Second To Be Humble And Let Others Help

Third To Love Even Though There Is No Love Back

Fourth To Hold Back Any Feelings Of Rage

Fifth To Trust And Have Faith

Sixth To Have Patience That All Will Come To Be Good In The End

Seventh To Accept The Downfalls In Life, Even Illness

Eighth To Understand There Is A Reason For Everything

Ninth That We All Have Our Cross To Bear

Tenth That God Knows What Is Best For Us

May Love Conquer Our Hearts and May We Be Able To Share With Others The Inner Depth Of The Love That Has Come To Light.

I Feel Enlightened By Choosing To Allow The Presence Of God, Our Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit In To My Life… Amen…

Andrea Louca with Love… ❤

Just a few things to think about…

Good Night…

God Bless

Your Destiny Awaits You!

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