Transform Your Life Book 2

I often visualized myself being able to achieve more, being an
inspiration to many.

I was a fighter and wanted to stand up and fend for others, and had been that way from a very young age.

Now I needed to fend for my rights as a young mother and protect myself
and my young children.

I felt trapped within myself, unable to face the fears of breaking away from abuse.
I had no self-esteem. I was born with a blood disorder called Thalassaemia.

Every 15 days I needed two units of blood and was told by doctors I may never conceive.

My unshakable faith saw me through all the challenges, and today I have two children.
I dwelt on my decision long, over two months, and finally said, “No more!” No more……………………….

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In Trust & Faith

Your Destiny Awaits You

Andrea Louca