Trial – Error – Retrial – Understanding 2012 – 2017

Re-Start – Aim of Achievements 2018…

29th December 2017 – Well 2 days till the end of 2017… It felt like yesterday when I was reflecting on 2016… Now I find myself reflecting on 2017…

Time sure does fly when you’re living your life!  Having fun and enjoying the good times…

Oh! But there are also the unfortunate events which crop up too… Must not forget them… You see the last five years of my life have been adjusting to learning and to accept those unfortunate some seen and some unforeseen life’s events…

From 2012 My Life Took A Whole New Turn and A Whole New Meaning!

Not much of what I had planned took place!

A Whole Lot of Unfortunate Seen and Unforeseen Events Took Place…

In Health Love Family and Work…

It has a domino effect, when one pillar goes down the other pillar goes down too!

Rising up again was a huge challenge!  I had to hit rock bottom first…


I thought I had hit rock bottom when I separated my husband back in 2006…

Wow!  I thought that was my worst ever.  Looks like I thought wrong eh….

That’s in my Joint Venture book Transform Your Life 2.

Now I have new setbacks and challenges to overcome.  There are too many so one at a time eh!

2012-2017 A space of 5 Years.

By far not 4 weddings and 1 funeral…

But… 5 Very close people’s funerals took place…

Thank God a few weddings took place too, but the deaths over powered me and I was not able to enjoy all the good things happening around me, 3 girl friends gone in a space of 2 months of ill health in 2012.

A month later my dearest friend George, God Rest All Their Eternal Souls.

Externally of course all looked fine I put on a brave face and a fake smile and carried on with everyday life, actually it was hard for me to do even that, it’s what went on internally that really mattered in fact I lost my smile, my face took a more stern look as my inner self felt shattered and crumbled.

Just as I thought I got over one death another one came and just as I got over the next one another came on… and on and on and on until.  I realized I had better start getting used to this because it’s part of our existence.  One day we all must leave, somehow some way we will depart from our earthly presence.

Saying that now in 2017 it is easy… At the time the pain endured was unbearable.

Having to hide my feelings and get a grip in order to portray strength to others was the hardest of all, especially when children are involved my children or how about the parent of the young person gone on 14th October 2012, and me trying to stay strong months on end for that mother who lost a son just like that.  Spending the time with her hoping to give her comfort but really struggling so much with the pressure of my inner pain and loss too.

How about the untold time spent with a wife who lost her husband suddenly 2016 who had her 10 year old son questioning and seeking answers and his feelings running hot and cold, and the mother finding it hard to cope and deal with her loss how can she even support her child and his needs for his loss.

Then the sudden death and shock of my beloved brother-in-law 13th December 2016… What a blow that was… Oooooo I can feel it now like a spear to the chest.  He left 3 precious children behind and a wife who adored him.  Just like that gone!  How do you stand by any of those precious souls?  Who needs you more? How do you keep yourself going strong?  What a toll on anyone.  Spiritual healing seemed the only way to get through this, how devastated we all felt and each with equal rights to morn.

All of this took a toll on my health too, another book another day!

My most recent loss 17th September 2017 was my precious Grandmother, my rock!  She kept me going through the toughest times by giving me words of wisdom and edging me on to stay strong no matter what, she always said “My dear granddaughter” she would start to say to me, and every time as though she would be saying it for the first time and I would sit and listen and indulge in it as if I would be hearing it for the first time.  “Yes Grandma I am all ears… tell me…”  So she starts “My mother would call me over and ask me to look out of the window, of course back in the old days there were no buildings in sight and the view was just land and sea view.”  Ahhhhh I would acknowledge as she tried to give me a visual icon of the days she was brought up.  Hmmmm she would say “Daughter what do you see? “  She as a child would respond. “I see calm waters!” Ahaaaaa her mother would say to her, and then she would stay silent.  The next day her mother would call her over again and say “Daughter what do you see?” my grandmother again as a child would reply “I see tides!” hmmmmmmm her mother would stay silent again.  Then she would say “you see my dear daughter everyday is different just like the weather.  As the weather changes and the sea has one day calm and one day tides that is how our life is, but know this there are also shipwrecks.  So take every day as it comes and see all challenges through with a brave face.  So she says “You see granddaughter it is with that in mind that I have managed to get through my challenges in my life, and just make sure you do the same!”  Her words come out at me like words of steel, full dynamic she is steadfast at how she has managed to get through her life.

So you see she kind of prepared me for her also leaving at some point.  Even though it was such a painful experience I had been preparing for it with her precious help.  I will always be feeling forever grateful to my precious grandmother.

Too many years of sorrow and feeling the loss of loved ones broke me, weakened me, and humbled me but I found it also strengthened me.

I know now it all had to happen as we say everything happens for a reason.  You just never know it at the time.

As I was losing my precious friends and relations! Other friends of mine where losing their parents, husbands, father, child, lover so I tried to put myself in their shoes and to get a better understanding of what was happening, by trying to go to the deeper level of understanding and applying life coaching skills by listening with all of my senses.

Wanting to find out how much more tragic it was for each of them to tolerate the pain and hurt of their loss spending much time with them and in their sorrow.

I know I have taken this end of year 2017 reflection to the deepest and darkest level but you see it is the light at the end of the tunnel that always intrigues me, through darkness comes the light, light through the keyhole, where there is dark there is light.

The questions are:

Do we actually learn from these unforeseen unfortunate circumstances?

Can we understand for what reason these circumstances take place around us?

Do we have an understanding of these circumstances in order to take the lesson in a humble manner and see the good in it?

Or is it just easier to brush them over and just get on with the rest of our life with no real understanding of what has taken place and why!

Oh Yes WHY?

There certainly is a WHY in all that takes place!

To me it is like a treasure hunt, I get given certain clues to figure it out and as time moves on the pieces of the puzzle unravel, one clue leads to another and another.  Of course you have to keep your radars on and your senses need to be activated to be able to receive and decode the information received.  No easy task for anyone, we all need a little help.

Help comes of course if we seek it or ask for it, it comes in the most mysterious of ways!

Mainly it comes from the people around us, some come and go and some come and stay they see us through to the next level in our lives path, and of course all goes much smoother when we are exceptive of those people playing a major role in our lives for our ongoing change and upcoming aims and achievements.

I have learned to ask for higher guidance and for sure for holy intervention where needed, I have tried to have Trust and Faith not always easy and it has been a struggle for me to say the least.

I have managed to allow myself room for ongoing growth, hard as it has been I have managed to drop as much of my ego, even though there is more to drop its a process I am allowing time to deal with.  Having awareness of this is just as important as allowing for the process of change.  Change of course for the better, better as I can judge from how I have dealt with my past events as to the most recent.

So I leave you with a few deepest thoughts to think through and reflect on your past few years…

How was it for you?

Was there a learning curve for you?

What can you learn from the events in your life that took place?

What Aims and Achievements do you have for 2018?

Oh I Have Plenty!

As I Have Plenty Of Challenges Up Ahead Too….

In Trust & Faith

May 2018 Be the Better Year Ever!

In God I Trust

Andrea Louca

Your Destiny Awaits You